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TSB Designs: Rocket Challenge

May I have your attention please!!!!  To all my fellow Photoshop nerds out there, be it professional or hobbyist, I have a challenge for you!  Well, not exactly a challenge, but more a project to show off your imagination and skills.

Below, you will find a picture of a rocket.  The rocket has been provided as a black and white image, with sharp contrast, so as to make it easier to select it.  And yes, it is a mockup of a 1950’s era space rocket popular in many science fiction illustrations of the time.  The challenge is simple.  Use your imagination and place the rocket into an original design of your own!  The options are limitless.

There is only one rule:  The image needs to be 1500×1500 pixels and feature the rocket or the shape of the rocket in some way.

Then, email me the JPEG at

The Deadline for submission is Sunday, April 15th in the year of our Lord 20-doomsday-12.

Now, this is not a contest!!  I repeat, NOT A CONTEST!  But, every submission that I receive, I will feature the image in a post on April 17th, with your name, image title, and link to your website if you should have one!  I will also mention you and direct people to check out your artwork on our weekly podcast, The Tech Shop Boys (available on here and iTunes, plug plug plug)

Happy Photoshoping Guys!!!  I look forward to some great stuff!!!



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