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#59: What Are You Doing, Dave?

Mike, Brett, and Jason talk about the Batfleck, some new iFashions, and then dive into a very long debate about Johnny 5 being alive in this episode! Remember to like us, subscribe and comment on iTunes.  If you prefer to listen on this site, just hit the play button below! Advertisements

#58: The Matrix Has You!

Mike, Brett, and Jason talk about all things video games in an A.D.D. filled episode! To listen to this podcast on this page, just hit “play” down below.  You can also subscribe to us on iTunes under the podcast section!

#57: The Inebriated X-Men

One third of the guys, along with two special guests, show why podcasting under the influence is always a dangerous thing!

#56: Of Mutants and Men

Its the triumphant return of the of the three laziest podcasters ever!  Just in time for a comic-con wrap up!

#55: Xbox is My Only Friend

Mike, Jason, and Brett talk about how video games bring people together, some music news, and the power of artificial limbs!

#54: Budweiser Made Me Cry

Mike, Brett, and Jason explore some Superbowl commercials as well as some other general musings.

#53: Of Mutants and Martians

Mike, Jason, and Brett fall over the X-men before turning their thoughts towards Martians.

#52: From Here to Middle Earth

Mike, Jason, and Brett talk about the new movie The Hobbit, and vent some anger about the senseless Sandy Hook tragedy.

#51: Grammy Schmammy

The Guys talk a bit about the Grammys, Some super sharp Hobbits, and Guys being dicks to Nerd Girls!

#50: Return of the Tech-I’s

Mike, Jason, and Brett discuss the Disney purchase of LucasFilm, before spiraling into some ADD-fueled random discussion.  

#49: Halloween Spooktackular

Mike, Jason, and Brett talk some fears, phobias, and the scariest movies of all time.

Sci Fi Costumes

Our Costume themes continue!  Here’s a gallery of fun costumes if you are feeling a little bit in the mood for a science fiction costume this year! Be sure to check out the Tech Shop Boys podcast while you are here!  Just look for it on the home page under the categories of Podcasts!!!  

Video Game Costumes

Having a hard time trying to figure out what to be for Halloween?  Over the next several days leading up to All Hallows Eve, let us throw some ideas your way to maybe help you out! Depending on where you work, some of these might be a tad NSFW…….but just barely. Be sure to check … Continue reading

#48: Jump Jump Jump!

Mike, Brett, and Jason talk about planets made of diamonds, the fact that Red Bull gives you parachutes, and many other fun topics in this new episode!

#47: Genius in a Bottle

Mike, Jason, and Brett discuss random topics from Big Bird to Apple Geniuses, or Geni?                 Ohio State University Marching Band Tribute to Video Games                     Star Wars Glasses

#46: Pirates and Bikers

Mike, Jason, and Brett jump into a little spoiler talk this week with the new episode of Sons of Anarchy, and talk a little about the grey area of online piracy.

#45: We Are Family

Mike, Jason, and Brett reconvene after two weeks of vacation, only to talk about toys, Apple, and for Brett to explore his homosexual side.

#44: El Podcaste De Muerte

Brett and Jason try to podcast responsibly, but kept getting sidetracked by Mike, the harbinger of death.  The podcast ends on a debate of great magnitude!

#43: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Mike, Jason, and Brett debate the current topics, albeit with bad impressions!

#42: Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Mike, Jason, and Brett meander through the going-ons of their lives before ending on a civil debate of science and religion. Plus, Jason brags about the photo you see below….